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1079184 12 Volt Transom WaterSnake Motor for Fishing Kayak (battery not included)

This 12 volt 30 AMP electric motor has 30 lbs of thrust and mounts to the back of the Lifetime tandem fishing kayak or Sport Fisher kayak with a heavy-duty alloy transom mount. It features:

  • a telescopic handle that adjusts from 6 inches to 11 inches on a chrome plated shaft
  • 30 lbs of thrust
  • a 2-bladed weedless propeller
  • 5 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds

This powerful little motor gets you to your favorite fishing spots quickly and efficiently. You may have to rely on luck to catch the big one, but not for your transportation! Note: 12 Volt Battery not included.

Note: Some states require you to register your kayak once you add a motor. Please check your local guidelines regarding boat registration.

Specification Information
Model Number 1079184
Product Dimensions 40 in. L (101.6 cm) x 18 in. W (45.72 cm)
Product Weight 70 lbs (31 g)
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1074604 Lifetime Youth Kayak Paddle (Black)

This beginner youth kayak paddle is a 72 inch long (183 cm) 2-piece double-sided asymmetrical paddle designed especially for flat water conditions and touring. The shaft has vinyl covered hand grips and is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum with curved polypropylene blades. Drip cups at each end of the shaft keep water from trickling down the shaft and up your arms. Designed with a standard push button for 2-position feather adjustments at 90 or 60 degrees. Weighing only 1.7 lbs. (0.77 kg), this is a great lightweight paddle for introducing your kids to kayaking.

Specification Information
Model Number 1074604
Quantity 1
Style Asymmetrical (for flat water and touring)
Color Black
Material of Construction Aircraft aluminum shaft with polypropylene blades
Shaft Dimensions 72 in. (183 cm) length with a 1.12 in. (2.85 cm) shaft diameter
Blade Dimensions 7 in. (17.7 cm) x 15 in. (38 cm)
Product Weight 1.7 lbs. (0.77 kg)
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1065065 Youth Kayak Backrest

Kids will appreciate the comfortable support of the youth kayak backrest. This backrest is compatible with the Lifetime Youth Kayak. It is a rigid, high-density 1/2 inch foam construction with wide nylon straps that are fully adjustable. The pad is 19 inches in length with a 7 inch height. The backrest is designed with plastic clips at each end which clip to the attachment loops on either side of the kayak. There are no attachments to keep the backrest in place behind the seat. The backrest stays in place simply by the positioning of the rider on the seat.

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